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US-1577102-A: Pump patent, US-1577624-A: Fur clasp patent, US-1577701-A: Woodworking machine patent, US-1577798-A: Toy power drive patent, US-1578764-A: Treating textile materials with circulating liquor patent, US-1579002-A: Vise-post lock patent, US-1579115-A: Bed patent, US-1579227-A: Warp clamp for loom beams patent, US-1580139-A: Shuttle patent, US-1580546-A: Switch patent, US-1580583-A: Animal trap patent, US-1581019-A: Detachable tooth section for saw blades patent, US-1581551-A: Flagman's case patent, US-1581711-A: Toothbrush holder patent, US-1582311-A: Pinching clutch for eccentric presses and shears patent, US-1582385-A: Garment patent, US-1582589-A: Identifying device patent, US-1582740-A: Dump-body lifter patent, US-1583747-A: Well-drilling apparatus patent, US-1584263-A: Slotter mechanism patent, US-1584340-A: Oil retainer patent, US-1584455-A: Pop-corn popper patent, US-1585605-A: Amusement device patent, US-1586399-A: Sound-emitting device patent, US-1586424-A: Fire escape patent, US-1586500-A: Cylinder-boring tool patent, US-1586621-A: Vehicle switch patent, US-1588112-A: Composing-room saw patent, US-1588162-A: Transformer patent, US-1588239-A: Traffic-signal apparatus patent, US-1590479-A: Armrest patent, US-1591771-A: Reel patent, US-1592270-A: Weeding implement patent, US-1592762-A: Method of and apparatus for forming spear points on gloves patent, US-1593616-A: Pole-changine jack plug patent, US-1593642-A: Hydraulic and automatic waste valve for vessels patent, US-1594555-A: Double-pounder washing machine patent, US-1595298-A: Cab body patent, US-1595736-A: Regulator system patent, US-159601-A: Improvement in feed-racks patent, US-1597334-A: Gas meter patent, US-159756-A: Improvement in file-cutting machines patent, US-1598376-A: Process and apparatus for saturating fibrous materials patent, US-159856-A: Improvement in pegging-machines patent, US-1598701-A: Swivel rope socket patent, US-1598964-A: Auxiliary lock for safe and vault doors patent, US-1598998-A: Flying machine patent, US-1599930-A: Manufacture of bread patent, US-1600592-A: Motion-picture machine patent, US-1601299-A: Slitting and corrugating machine patent, US-1601414-A: Cutting device patent, US-1602097-A: Power-operated saw patent, US-1602358-A: Dispensing device patent, US-1602573-A: Last-slice holder patent, US-1603932-A: Creping paper patent, US-1604314-A: Casein glue patent, US-1604542-A: Connecter patent, US-1605111-A: Shade roller patent, US-1605256-A: Door check and closer patent, US-1606738-A: Control apparatus patent, US-160685-A: Improvement in knitting-machines patent, US-1607071-A: Insulated container patent, US-1607327-A: Railway car patent, US-1607433-A: Electric-arc lamp patent, US-1608539-A: Locking means patent, US-1608559-A: Compression relief valve patent, US-160955-A: Improvement in steam and air brakes patent, US-1610072-A: Hood cap for containers patent, US-1610173-A: Friction disk and the method of making same patent, US-161044-A: Improvement in combined shovels and ash-pan lifters patent, US-1611110-A: Golf-club head patent, US-1611266-A: Motor mounting patent, US-1611904-A: Camp stove patent, US-1612143-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-1612164-A: Separation of the constituents of gaseous mixtures patent, US-1613107-A: Anchor patent, US-1613395-A: Mechanism for threading pipes rods, etc. patent, US-1613748-A: Machine for producing lined pouches patent, US-1613788-A: Trussed structure patent, US-1614399-A: Golf-putting box patent, US-1614854-A: Hydrocarbon stove and burner therefor patent, US-1615455-A: Everard l patent, US-1616155-A: Tire-carrying means for automobiles, etc. patent, US-1616407-A: Key retainer patent, US-1616702-A: Electron discharge apparatus patent, US-1617147-A: Coal chute for cellar windows patent, US-1617327-A: Oil and gas burner patent, US-1617732-A: Coke extractor for vertical retorts patent, US-161791-A: Improvement in umbrella-rib-tip holders patent, US-1618034-A: Valve patent, US-1618077-A: Holding device for shingles patent, US-1618367-A: Nail-driving attachment for pneumatic hammers patent, US-1618381-A: Egg crate patent, US-1618864-A: Apparatus for molding articles from plastic substances patent, US-1618873-A: Device for transporting the sick and wounded patent, US-1620196-A: Vehicle fender patent, US-1620469-A: Clamp patent, US-1621361-A: Casement-window weather strip patent, US-162205-A: Improvement in harrows patent, US-1622407-A: Tobacco case patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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